There comes a time when your skin starts showing signs of aging like wrinkles and saggy skin. If you have considered Botox but decided it’s not for you then you might want to consider anti-aging facial yoga poses. It’s a system of stretching and working face muscles which is supposed to help reduce wrinkles. You can minimize the wrinkles that you already have by toning the muscles under the skin which is going to plump up those muscles and lift the skin along with it. Facial yoga poses help to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin which helps tone the muscles under the skin.


One of the most important factors that cause muscles in the neck and chin to sag with age is that muscles get flabby when they’re not worked enough. In order to keep the neck area firm you just have to jut out your chin and smile. You will feel a constriction happening in your platysma muscle. Another facial pose to get rid of saggy neck is called kiss the ceiling. You just have to stick your chin up and stretch your lips.

If you want to get rid of lines and wrinkles on your forehead then there is an allover facial toner yoga pose which is thousands of years old and it’s called the lion face. It tones all of the muscles of the face and releases stress. For this you want to inhale deeply and you’re going to scrunch and squeeze everything up and then exhale, stick out the tongue, open the eyes wide open and release it. This is a very good all-purpose facial toner.



To get rid of the lines you get from frowning or thinking you can make the line and then resist it by placing your index fingers above the center of each brow and pulling back. So you’re going to make that muscular action and resist it.

To reduce crow’s feet you have to wink with your lower eyelid. Then you are going to take your index finger and depress the muscle so it has something to resist.

In order to get rid of baggy eyes is to simply glue your upper eyelids to your lower eyelids for five counts. This is a great way of minimizing saggy eyes without getting a brow lift.

To keep your cheeks from drooping you have to take an inhale breath and then you puff the breath from cheek to cheek.



You can also do the prom queen which is done by stretching the corners of the mouth towards the ears with a slightly upward smile.


After you are done with these poses you will see that your skin is flushed because of the increased blood flow to it which is very healthy for your skin. By doing these poses you save up a lot of money on Botox, surgeries and anti-aging creams.


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