Do You Know Or Understand the Early Signs of Hair Fall

Thick vibrant hair are crowning glory for women as they are identified as a symbol of youth, and prosperity whereas dry or thinning hair is identified as a sign of old age and poverty. If you are experiencing the breakage in hair or massive hair fall, then, you are not alone. The hair loss in women is a gradual process and is normally due to hormonal changes, or medical condition. Hair loss is very distressing phenomenon. It usually starts with thinning of hair follicles with more revealed skin.

A normal human being loses 100 to 150 hair strands per day. It is normal. This is necessary for growth of new hair. But if the hair fall is more than that, it is a matter of great concern. When normal growth of new strands is disrupted, then, women face a condition called alopecia or baldness. Unlike men, the signs of hair fall in women include a reclining hairline and hair thinning instead of baldness.


Early Signs of Hair FallReasons


The various reasons for excess hair loss include physical conditions, emotional traumas and genetics. Most of the women suffer from hair loss which is a result of excessive stress. This stress can be due to workload or some personal issues. Stress leads to various health problems that cause hair loss.


Another reason for hair loss is deficiency of hair growth vitamins. Due to inadequate or imbalanced diet, body does not get the necessary vitamins and mineral that leads to weak hair and hair loss. Menopause can be another possible reason for hair loss. After menopause, women are more susceptible to the effects of testosterone that causes hair loss. Some genetic factors are also responsible for unexplained hair loss. Researching about the medical history of your family can give the answers related to any unexplained hair fall.




It is necessary to recognise various signs of hair loss in the early stages so that you could take effective measure to prevent further hair loss. There are various medications available that can help you effectively in managing your hair fall problem. Some medicines are available over the counter, and some are available only on medical prescription. Although these medications are very effective for hair fall, but they have certain side effects. Hence many people avoid using these medications for them.


If you don’t want to take medication, then, the hair transplant surgery is the best option for you. The procedure involves taking some strands of hair from an unaffected area of your body, and then, transplanting it to the affected area. This procedure is the most effective method of hair restoration as it gives you perfectly natural hair, but this procedure is very costly and most of the people cannot afford this. Another option is to go for hair extensions. You can find very good and natural looking human hair extensions that can be a solution for your problem of baldness.




It is better you consult a medical professional in order to manage your hair fall problem in more effective and professional way.




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