Tips on Right Kind Of Eye Makeup For Older Women


 Women of all ages fear time. It can be harsh on some, while others are blessed. No matter our age we all aim to look good and beautiful. Sometimes our vanity leads to confidence. We can’t turn back time to look our youthful best but we can let time play its part and age gracefully. So ladies do not fret the big 40 or even 50 and 60! It is the best time of your life and it’s great to be alive.

When stepping out of the house we want to feel and look pretty. I can help you build your confidence with the right kind of eye makeup, so that you step out feeling great about yourself. Mature women know that  ageing can lead to droopy eyelids and baggy under eye circles. Even the fine lines creeping up on near your eyes are all signs of your maturity. Let me list ways to accentuate your eyes and make you look beautiful with these eye makeup over 40 years of age:


Women at the age of 40 and beyond need not put on extra makeup to look younger. Black eyeliner and bright colored eye shadow will only add years to your age and magnify crow’s feet. Subtle hues and full brows and Mascara should do the trick.


Mature skin becomes dry with time. Moisturize it well so that the eye shadow does not become cakey in few hours.

  • Focus on the dark spots only and apply a bit of concealer to cover them up. Do not apply it where it is not required. Never over do it.
  • Eyelid Primer is as essential as concealer. It helps to prepare the eyelid for the color so that your eye makeup looks even, and stays longer.


Choosing the color of eye shadow is completely your call but for a look that suits you, follow these guidelines

  • Stay away from dark tones. They make your eye lid even darker and heavy
  • Do not indulge in glitters and shimmer as they amplify lines and wrinkles
  • Choose light colors like matte pink and nude beige for your eyes to open up
  • You can use a hint of shimmer at the inner corner of your eye


Eyeliner will define your eyelid. Remember to

  • Keep your eyeliner soft
  • Use pencil or powder liner than a harsh liquid one
  • Avoid black, instead use charcoal or brown color
  • Use it only on the eye lid and never on waterline of lower lid


Ladies, you know that Mascara will open your eyes, make them look bright and fresh. It is good for older women who start to feel the weight of their age on their eye lids.Use it generously.

  • Start at the base of your lashes and brush out in the direction of temple
  • Give your lashes  two coats of mascara wiggling out gently


The fullness and shape of your brows contributes to your youthful skin.If you are looking for eye makeup over 40, you must know that your brows start to thin. Use a pencil or a brush to fill out the sparse areas. Make sure that you use a shade darker than your actual eyebrows.

When you are finished you will find a person who is more confident, sophisticated and pretty. Ladies, there is no need to hide behind that hideous, overdone make up that makes you look beyond your age. Make sure to remove your makeup before you sleep. Feel young and pretty!!



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