Foods for Gaining Muscle Fast

Lifting weights will help you to build muscle, but it breaks your muscles down in order to do so. You have to rest after workouts to let your muscles repair themselves but you also have to eat the right things so they have the nutrients they need to rebuild. Eating the right foods for repairing muscles will also give you the energy you need for workout routines.

Foods fall in three major categories: proteins, fats, and carbohydrates. The fourth food that builds muscles is actually a drink – water. Water makes up about 70 percent of your muscles and is vital for the body to function as it helps transport nutrients through the body while also helping your metabolic process. Even just a three percent decrease in the amount of water in a person’s body (if they have optimal levels) can cause a decrease in performance, strength, and endurance. Ironically, most people are always slightly dehydrated.

Muscle Gaining Foods  – Carbohydrates

The preferred energy source for your body is carbohydrates, which are great for intense workouts. If you want to gain muscle, eat complex carbs with just a few simple carbs mixed in. Some great sources of carbs are:  cereals, pastas, whole grain or oat breads, oatmeal, long grain rice, bagels, leafy green veggies, squash, potatoes, peas, beans, white rice, fruit, and other vegetables.

Muscle Gaining Foods  – Fats

Unsaturated fats have several important roles in the body. Fats protect and cushion your organs, lubricate the joints, provide energy in longer activities, and some actually do help cardiovascular health. Essential fats are found in fish, flax seeds, nuts, seeds, olive oil, avocadoes, and even supplements. Stay away from saturated fats as much as possible as they provide no benefits and are linked to many diseases.

Muscle Gaining Foods  – Protein

Protein is needed for gaining muscle. Amino acids from proteins build new muscles and repair damaged ones.  Great sources of protein are: fish, turkey, chicken, eggs (especially the whites), cottage cheese, milk (low fat), yogurt, and lean red meat and pork.

Muscle Gaining Foods

Clean and natural food choices are the best for building muscle. You can add supplements if you want (like the best pre workout supplements), but they won’t help you if your basic diet is not healthy. Lean protein and complex carbs from natural sources as well as essential fats are vital for your body to function properly and to build your muscles. You’ll lose what muscle you gain if you do not eat right to support extra muscle. Feed your muscles to keep your body primed and watch them build.


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