How to Increase Hair volume and Get Them Thick

Volume hairstyle always creates amazing affect.  This is the main reason why most of the  women want to know the main tips and tricks which will help to create a breathtaking volume for their hair.


Focus on an astounding volume


  1. The easiest way to give your hair a desirable volume is to make the right haircut. For long hair stepped or cascade haircuts are definitely the best option. We offer asymmetrical haircut with a long fringe or wear one’s hair in a bob for those women who prefer short haircuts.
  2. Use special shampoo for taking care of your hair. Cheap shampoo which promises you volume affect contains silicone that covers every single hair making it thicker. Hair seems to be thicker and shiny with this shampoo. However, the volume effect won’t last for long. Next day your hair will be dirty and you will have to wash it again. It is strongly recommended to use shampoos for professional care as they contain keratin and protein. These two ingredients do not make hair heavier or stick hairs together. These shampoos strengthen hair making it healthy. For improving the result it’s also advised to use hair conditioner for creating volume affect.
  3. Special foam and mousse will help to add volume. They can be put both on dry and wet hair. Put foam or mousse straight on the hair roots, comb your hair in the direction opposite to its growth, sprinkle hair with the fixation spray.
  4. Do not use hairdryer immediately after washing your hair. Cover hair with a terry towel and hold it like that during 10 minutes. The more water towel absorbs the less damage gets your hair when using hairdryer.
  5. Streaking hairstyles visually add volume. This option is good for any haircut and type of hair.
  6. Hair extension allows to make hair thick and adds volume for a long time (approximately 4-6 months). Taking care of such hair is an easy process.


Hair styling tips


Hair styling with the help of a hairdryer.  In order to add extra volume to your hair it’s better to start drying hair from its roots moving towards hair tips. During hairstyling comb your hair against its natural growth, that is starting from the back of the head to the top of the head and at the both sides. Tilt and lower your head and it will be easier to make a desirable volume.


Try to use diffuser hair dryer. It raises hair roots making haircut higher and adding volume affect.


A special comb will also help to add volume. The comb for hairstyling should be of round shape, diameter is not more than 3 centimeters. Grasp a lock of hair with the comb and blow on it with the hot air. Let the lock of the hair get a little cold and release it from the comb.


Making a hairstyle with the help of hair rollers is another option to add extra volume. First of all we should mention that hair rollers should be of a big size. Velcro rollers are perfect for our aim as they are of a good size and easy in use. Spread mousse along clean wet hair. Curl the locks of the hair with the help of rollers and dry them with a diffuser hairdryer. Let the hair get cold, remove rollers and spread your hair with fingers to make smaller locks. You do not need to comb your hair.




We hope that our little tricks will help you to make extra volume and inspire you for creating new extraordinary hairstyles! Let your hair be always healthy and beautiful!


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