Never Heard Of Tips On How To Maintain Your Long Lustrous Locks

Long hair is definitely one’s crowning glory. Do you ever have any qualms about it? You can create any kind of hair style with above the shoulder hair. You can pin it up as a bun, try loose plaits, you can have golden braids, do magic with satin clips and hair bands and what not. The list is quite endless. Here are few interesting never heard of tips on how to maintain your long locks.


cold water hair wash


Cold water magic : Take your hair wash in plain cold water. Hot water makes hair lose out on its natural oils making it drier than before. Use a conditioner as the same variant of the shampoo itself. Do not cleanse with conditioner directly on to the scalp but 2 feet away from your hair scalp. This will leave your hair well moisturized.


foods rich in Vitamin E




Eat foods rich in Vitamin E and beta carotenes : Vitamin E not only helps you build your protein stock and helps maintaining a glowing skin but works wonders for your hair as well. Eat lot of carrots and green leafy vegetables for healthy looking hair. These contain lot of anti-oxidants and beta carotenes required for volume and bounce.








Oil or massage your hair at least twice a week :An effective way to massage hair is like this. Take each and every strand of hair and rub oil on. Else you can partition your hair into two halves. Remove the split ends and knots from each partition and then apply oil. Apply from the scalp gradually tapering towards the bottom. This way oil is evenly applied to the entire volume of hair. Use a mild shampoo and conditioner after 3 hours from the time you had applied the oil. This gives sufficient time for the oil to be completely absorbed by the hair.


avoid hair dryers




Avoid using hair dryers or hair sprays too often : Hair styling products are good for the moment. If you want a complete permed look you can do so with a hair curler. Or if you have wavy shoulder length hair you might want to use a hair iron to straighten your hair. Again excessive use of hair styling products causes breakages and split ends more severely. It causes your hair to become frizzy. Use hair styling products to the minimum. Hair dryers cause your hair to become very dry on account of excessive heat. Sometimes it can even burn your hair. Hair sprays again lead to dull or frizzy hair. So use these with caution.


Bedtime hairs


Bed time secret : Avoid leaving your hair open before you hit the sack. The reason being your hair is susceptible to breakage and can cause excessive knots to your hair which you need to get rid of by intense brushing next day in the morning. Loose braids during bed time are the remedial solution for this.


satin pillows for hair


Use satin pillows : Satin pillow covers are soft and gentle and have minimum friction against your hair. Cotton or other rough materials provides a harder friction against your hair. These mesmerizing easy to follow tips can let you have the hair of a dreamed celebrity.


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