How to Make Up For Blue Eyes

Baby blues are something that you would love to accentuate, and draw focus on. Here are a few simple make-up tips that can work wonders for every eye color, but they look best on blue grey, blue green, light and dark blue, grey, turquoise, and some green shades too. Try them out and find out what works best for your eyes and your unique style.


Use A Primer Under Dark Eye Circles


It’s not a bad idea to use a primer even if you don’t have under eye circles, as it will really brighten the area around your eyes.


Use The Right Eye Shadow


For more formal occasions, use shadows in brown, rose, terracotta, and neutral shades. You could also go with purple to emphasize the blue in your eyes. Blue goes well with lavender during daytime and deep plum during evenings. For a special night out, try icy pink, turquoise, or metallic colors like silver and gold.


Try The Smoky Look


Dark mascara on blue eyes looks fabulous, especially with smudged charcoal eyeliner. You could also try using purple or charcoal gray shadow for a smoky look. For neutral smoky eyes, soften your look with palette of rich golds, browns, and light pinks.


Wing Your Eyes


Winged eyeliner or cat-eyes puts more focus on your blue eyes, and look awesome in any shade. For normal days try a more subtle look with barely winged, while for special days, try something more bold and dramatic like a thick exaggerated line.


Mellow Down Your Lips


Tone down your lips to emphasize your lovely baby blues. Use matte lipstick in pale pink or peachy brown shade. Use a light sweep of blush in natural hues for your cheeks.




Opt For Warm Hues


Enhance the blue in your eyes with lots of warm hues. Try out earthy tones, brows, or even lighter colors as they go well with the icy and calming effect of your blue eyes.


Overlap Colors


Blues eyes give you the freedom to layer different colors on. Try two different shades of sheer like light brown and copper.


Blue Shadows


Blue eyes and blue eye shadows are an absolute mismatch. You can experiment with a blue eye shadow that is a different shade from your actual eye color, but it’s always a safer bet to avoid putting blue on blue.


Use Matte Shadows


Matte shadows give blue eyes the perfect look for a formal setup like your office. For more groovy occasions try a little bit of shine and shimmer.


Try Sheer Shadows


Blue eyes can really pop even if you go with sheer shadows, or just apply some lighter colors. This absolutely works for all shades of blue eyes.


Beige Brightens Blue Eyes


One of the oldest tricks to accentuate blue eyes is to use a highlighter on the inside lower lash line. Skip white highlighters, and use a soft, beige pencil instead for a more natural look.


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