Is Your Incorrect Makeup Accelerating Your Age

Make-up applied the right way can enhance your beauty and radiance a great level. It helps you look like a diva. However, incorrect make up techniques can make you age faster. A look into few of the common mistakes you ladies tend to commit and have not realized yet:


Dark Lip Sticks


A lot of cosmetic companies advertise on how good a deep plum color looks on you. And how the super shimmery red lip sticks give you the look of a Hollywood celebrity. But the fact remains that heavier shade lip sticks can make your lips small and cold. Go for the color but just make sure the tinted shade pops out and doesn’t settle deep within.


Loose Powder


A shimmer of bronze or golden powder can highlight your cheek bones and the area above. Too much of it can be detrimental to your skin. Too much tinted loose powder can discolor and blotch up on the skin especially around the eyes and smile lines. You just need to dust the translucent powder using a large brush so that too much of powder doesn’t get deposited on your skin. A light dusting of bronze powder adds to the warmth.


Shimmery Powder


A blush when applied too much leads to creases around the skin and reveals imperfections. The same goes for frosted lip sticks.


For a better glow apply light make up and use a hydrating mist and use water preserved in an atomized. Spray or sprinkle drops of rose water. You can dip it in cotton balls and apply them around the cheeks area. You feel fresh and light.


Dark Eyebrows Mistakes




Harsh Eye Brows


Too much of color need not define eye brows. The effect can turn otherwise. Eye brows too dark or strong can be highly distracting.


Use an eye-pencil or power in a shade lighter than your natural tone. The eye pencil should spread and define color to your eye-brows in an even way. The effect is to create the subtle and classy look and not that of a horror movie drama queen. Take care of your eye make-up.


Glitter Shadows


Eye shadows look great on the glossy advertisement editorials you come across in fashion and celebrity magazines. The shiny or glittery eye-shadows can be very ageing. Instead use matte shadows, to shape the eyes and define the crease. If you want the shimmer effect just make sure you keep it under control.


Opaque Lips


Don’t use opaque lip liners. Heavy opaque coverage can enhance your age as much as 15 years over your current age. Apply your lip stick or lip balm with your ring finger. That way you get soft edges on your lips which helps it look fuller rather than thinner.


End of the day no one wants messy make up. Apply make-up with natural shades so that you get the right kind of looks revealing your personality and attitude. Rather than making you appear over-made and blotchy.


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