Must Know Do’s and Don’ts for Applying Makeup

Applying make-up the right way is definitely an art. Make up can in fact do your face while poor make up can un-do the same. Let us see a few important do’s and don’ts on applying make up

Lip liner and lip color should not match

Always select a lip liner in sync with the lip color. Lip liner should be two tones darker than your lip-stick shade. Evenly blend the lip liner to the corner of your lips. Keep it wide open so that the line drawn is completely even. And use a lip brush to apply lip color all over.


Don’t choose a lip liner exactly as the same shade of lip stick. The reason being you can run into the risk of being over done.

Applying blush


Some women are blessed with high cheek bones while most of you need to have them highlighted. Don’t apply the blush all over your cheeks as you will look clumsy. Instead apply blush over your cheeks exactly falling below the center of your eyes. After all make up done the right way can do wonders to your appearance, isn’t it?

Glossy make up


A lot of you tend to commit this major mistake. You apply too heavy make-up when your attire is heavily embellished. This is in fact a strict no-no. When your dress has lot of glitter and glam it is better to keep your make up subtle and understated. This will highlight the designer bling which you opted to wear. On the other hand if you decide to go in for costumes with a lighter shade or monochromes, then you can high light your eyes, cheeks using glossy eye shadows, mascara, liners, etc.



Just one facial feature needs to be highlighted


Decide what you want to do with your face. Are you interested to apply a fabulous color lip stick coupled with a shiny lip gloss? Then you need to concentrate a little less on doing your eye-make up. Just apply a thin layer of eye liner to highlight your eyes. On the other hand if you are opting for a nude shade lip stick then layer your eyes with shadows and mascara.


Make up Vs Clothes


If your make up color exactly matches your costumes you might end up looking like a retro queen doing the rounds in ‘70s or ‘80s. Today’s trend is not to apply make-up matching your dress color. On the other hand contrasting make up highlights your personality and attitude better.


Clean brushes


Always clean your make-up brushes after every use. It is easy to apply make-up with a clean set of make-up brushes. Dirty brushes can lead to grumpy make up. And they can add to skin infections as well. Hence take necessary caution while using brushes.


These simple yet effective tips on make-up can help you achieving the diva look. You can follow these tips next time you go for a party. And get the compliments from every one gathered at the party hall!




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