Suffering From Hair Split End?

Tired of finding a way to stay away from those nasty split ends? Well, scientifically there is no permanent solution of removing split ends. But, don’t be distressed, as you can easily inhibit them from cropping up again severely if not removing them. So cheer up girls, as below we give some measures that can be taken in order to stay away from split ends as long as possible.

Firstly, you need to analyze the form of your split ends, i.e. if they are generic splits, longitudinal splits or multiple splits.

Proceed for trimming

An optimum method is to get trimming done every two to three months. This is important, as not getting your hair trimmed for an elongated extent of time can make your split ends grow worse. It is natural that your hair will damage on its own after a specific period of time. Keep in mind that you use a razor-sharp shear scissor and not a blunt scissor to snap off the ends of your hair.

Prefer trimming in a straight fashion. Trimming in an angular fashion increases the probability of more split ends to occur. Also do not get your hair trimmed while they are moist. Doing this may not give a clean cut to your hair, while you intend to cut the ends in a clean manner. Trimming up to an inch, can easily help you stay away from split ends for a considerable period of time.

Don’t let hair dryers perform the damage

Keep your hair as far as possible from hair dryers. Usage of hair dryers ultimately results in further emergence of split ends.

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Healthy diet for healthy hair


Healthy hair has the least chances of bearing split ends, so consume a healthy diet and it will make your hair healthy. Include vitamins, proteins and also healthy fats in your daily meals to provide the appropriate nourishment to your hair. If for some random reason, you are unable to do so, then you can look out for the option of conditioning your hair with products that contain vitamins, proteins, etc that are beneficial for your hair.


Distance yourself from chemicals and fake claims


Stay away from chemical based styling for your hair, such as colouring, perming, straightening, etc. The use of such chemicals may give a stylish look to your hair for a precise instance but they intensely harm the cuticle, which in turn leads to split ends and damaged hair.


Stay away from products that lure the customers by giving them false assurance to completely curb the issue of split ends. They further deteriorate the condition of your hair. In such cases the condition of your hair may not show its true colour in the beginning, but it will surely crop up after some time.


Comb with care


Combing and the method of drying your hair with a towel are also very essential in curbing the issue of split ends. An abundance in the number of times you comb your hair is also not favourable for curing split ends, and especially if you comb wet hair. Do not rub your wet hair violently with a towel, be gentle.


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